Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy (HAART) For Curing HIV AIDS Is Still Under Experimentation

According to the recent medical advancement, it has been known that highly active anti-retroviral therapy (HAART) is vital for treating persons suffering from HIV AIDS. This therapy aims to improve not just the physical health condition but also the quality of life of the victim. It is not yet confirmed but it is believed that this therapy is quite useful and should be brought to use while treating the patients. As of now, HAART therapy is still under experimentation and not recommended to all the HIV patients.  

The doctors are of the opinion that highly active anti-retroviral therapy is effective in boosting the immune system of body by reducing the viral load in the body. HAART aims to lower the load of HIV AIDS virus to such a level that cannot be even detected. To make this possible, it is necessary on the part of patients to be extremely particular about taking their medicines on time. There is a proper course of antiretroviral medications that the HIV AIDS patients need to follow strictly to get the best results.  

As a part of highly active anti-retroviral therapy, nudeoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors, fusion inhibitor, protease inhibitors and nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors are given to the patients. Recently, the doctors have felt that it is also necessary to give these patients integrase strand transfer inhibitor and entry inhibitor. Each of the drugs has its own set of benefits and works on different areas.  

Lots of studies have been done in recent times to find out if HAART therapy is really effective in treating HIV AIDS. The doctors are of the view that an HIV infected person can very much lead a normal life with the help of this therapy. Researchers are of the say that in certain cases, HAART therapy fails simply due to the suboptimal adherence to this therapy.  

To ensure that you get maximum results, it is necessary on your part to take the antiretroviral at the right time. If you happen to miss out any of your dose, it can sabotage your treatment process and your treatment might not able to give you the desired results. In this therapy, the patients are also asked to take some food precautions, in such a case if the HIV patient goes about eating anything of his/her choice and does not follow the doctor’s guidelines, then this therapy is of no use to him/her.  

As said before, highly active anti-retroviral therapy might not be beneficial for all. Another reason that the researchers have found for people failing to follow regimen is that sometimes these medications lead to some side effects because of which many people start skipping their doses and thus the treatment becomes ineffective. Also, it has been seen in certain cases that these drugs do not suit all. Not everybody is able to develop tolerance for these drugs. In such circumstances as well, it happens that people become irregular in taking their doses. To conclude, it is an effective therapy in treating HIV Aids but for whom it is really beneficial is yet to be found.

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