What Are the Latest Advancements in Medicine to Fight the Problem of Lung Cancer?

There have been lots of medical advancements to fight the problem of lung cancer which has taken a heavy toll. This can be largely attributed to the rise in the number of smokers. Studies have been done to find out some new ways to stop this deadly disease from crippling the nation and ruining the life of our young generation.  

Recently, a study was conducted at the


University and they came up with the results that the juice extracted from pomegranate helps slow down the rate of spread of lung cancer and this test was done on the mice. One of the researchers said that pomegranate contains some agents that help in fighting cancer. It might not have the capability to eradicate this epidemic completely but it is a medical advancement that has brought the world a step ahead in fighting with the chronic disease of lung cancer. When it comes to finding a cure, even a small discovery helps. A small contribution makes a lot of difference in the end. 

 Pomegranate has antioxidants in excessive quantities and thus is of great help to mankind in getting rid of various forms of diseases. Since ages, it has been used for treating several ailments. This is one of the latest medical advancements that have taken place in recent years.  Another study on lung cancer brought forth another interesting fact that magnolia has a natural compound that helps to inhibit the growth of cancer cells and thus can be of immense help in curing lung cancer. Researchers have been engrossed in the task of studying and analyzing the natural compound honokiol, which can be easily found in Chinese herbal medications. This compound has been known to help a great deal in preventing the growth of tumor. It is believed to be a far more effective treatment than chemotherapy.  

Attempts are being made by researchers to obtain license to find out more about its effectiveness by trying it on some patients. It would be a major breakthrough in the field of medicine if it further proved that this natural compound could be useful in combating the problem of lung cancer that is on the verge of spreading its tentacles to more and more areas affecting more and more number of people.   In the normal course, patients suffering from lung cancer are given chemotherapy which causes harm to the body in some other way. SO, once it is established that this treatment is safe for humans, it will be big achievement in the stream of medical science. If this natural therapy works, it can be given either alone or along with the regular lung cancer treatment depending on the condition of patient. If this medical advancement works, it can diminish the chances of reoccurrence of lung cancer to a large extent. SO, even if it helps in preventing the relapse of disease, it is a useful discovery.  SO, these are some of the medical advancements that have taken place in the recent times to help find a solution to the chronic problem of lung cancer.

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