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Just How Many Bacteria are On the Human Body?

A recently completed study by Dr. Julia Segre, a senior investigator for the National Human Genome Research Institute, and her colleagues has collected bacterial samples from a racially diverse gropu of 10 volunteers.  112,283 organisms were collected in all.  What they found was groundbreaking, if not for the only reason that such a study has never been done. 

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Want to know the foods that help you to a flawless skin?

Smooth skin, endless energy, sex appeal…with the right foods, you ‘wow’ factor will skyrocket! Plus, with our pick of what to eat to make your happier and stress free, you’ll be a really nice person to have around.

Pine nuts
Rich in zinc for repairing and renewing skin cells, they contain essential fats to internally ‘moisturise’ your complexion. Read more →

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