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Research Shows Connection between Mental Health and Physical Fitness

Interesting today all that everyone seeks to attain is prime health. Everyone is conscious about the kind of food they eat and want to find ways by which they are completely physically fit. However, the sooner people come into physical activities that help to achieve better health and fitness levels the better. In fact, right from teens, it is necessary for people to get into the regular physical activities to gain good health. However, this factor alone is not the reason why doing physical activity is a must. There is also considerable research that shows the connection between health and mental fitness.

Those who are more fit will be able to show greater mental alertness. Those who want to achieve a high IQ should ensure that they are indeed physically fit. According to research done at the University of Gothenburg and the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, those who ensure physical fitness can be sure of higher mental capacity. This is because during physical activities, the brain gets plenty of oxygen.

The heart and lung functioning are very good. This conclusion was based on research done by researchers. They took in large datasets of 1.2 million young men and made comparisons between the information they procured on their physical fitness levels and their academic excellence. They found out that those who physically trained themselves and who ensured higher physical fitness levels did indeed achieve more than those who did not. Now most people would be of the opinion that there is a definitely a strong connection between brain fitness levels and genes. Yes there is a connection, however, this is not the only influential factor for higher IQ. When these researchers studies large dataset on the connection between intelligence and genes and upbringing, they found that there really was none, when the examined it between identical twins. However, the connection between fitness levels and intelligence was present, very strongly.

It has also been noted that those who are physically fit during their teen years are more likely to get a university degree and good employment prospects. The results of this research show the importance of physical fitness in not just everyday life, but also the way in which it affects out life in the future, as it is directly related to out mental alertness and out mental capabilities. It is necessary for young people to take this information into account and ensure to bring in physical fitness in their lives.

Regular physical activities, coupled with guided training in physical fitness an not just help achieve between health, but also helps in bringing about higher mental facilities which are necessary for modern life pressure and responsibilities. It also shows the level of importance that must be given to physical fitness in general and how it must be incorporated in schools and colleges. This will ensure that the necessary level of physical activities are present for students and that they follow them as required to gain the kind of higher mental capabilities that is required for them to face their life challenges.

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