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Visual Impact – A Workout for the Lean Hollywood Look

ebook1 210x300 Visual Impact – A Workout for the Lean Hollywood LookThe chiseled and angular muscle growth that television stars enjoy is not a result of body fat reduction and muscle growth only. It is a strategic plan which allows them to shape their body using muscle growth, diet and exercise and give them a perfect look for the event. This strategy has been explained in Visual Impact, an e-book by Rusty Moore and how this can be customized to suit your body.

 Knowing where to Add Muscle Growth:

Reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass may be the base for muscle growth but it is not limited to that only. You must understand what part of your body needs to be toned before you begin exercising. If you tone in a way which makes the area above or below your waste look too curvy, the shape of the body becomes for feminine and almost hour-glass like. While that might be a good idea for women, it is not something men wish to incur. Thus, knowing where to focus your workout routine is rule number one.

Ways to Increase Muscle Mass:

There are two basic ways of increasing muscle mass. Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy aims at increasing muscle growth by increasing the fluid in the muscles. This is done by constantly causing fatigue to the muscles. The technique is known to give quick results however the muscles look puffy and rounded, and do not gain strength because it is only fluid increase. Myofibrillar Hypertrophy is a technique which does not tire the muscle but makes it tense and relax at comfortable intervals while forcing it to apply strength. This increases muscle fibers and strength but the look of the muscles may be less causing deception and slight imbalance. Thus, a combination of two techniques has to be applied to get the lean Hollywood look and spruce up on muscle growth.

Tone Your Skin:

This is the way to evince your muscles by letting the skin carefully fill up the grooves between your muscles. If the skin is too losing, the muscles would be visible only in overhead lighting or maybe not even then. Mostly people achieve this look by avoiding carbohydrates for days and suddenly starting carbohydrate consumption before an event to add muscle mass instead of
. However, this look fades in 72 hours. A more permanent solution is to train to go under your target weight, allowing the skin to tone to that level naturally and 3 weeks before an event, to put on some weight to allow the grooves to fill in.

Visual Impact:

Visual Impact has been designed to integrate all three processes and make you understand how the exercises you perform would be able to give you the look you want. It is overall muscle growth.

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