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New Research on Behavioral Technique Brings Hope for People having Stress Disorders

Most often the problem with people today is the kind of pressures that they face in everyday lie. Such pressure lead to extreme levels of stress and this in turn builds up a lot of tension and stress in the person. Stress can create a lot of fear in the mind of the person. Now scientists have found a method by which they can block fear in the mind using a form of behavioral technique. Let’s take a look at this in more detail.

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Stress Management. Switch off now or…..

stress management.thumbnail Stress Management. Switch off now or.....…switch off now, I say…..or you’ll end up like him….errr…like her…sorry…can’t really tell….

 So stressed that you can’t separate your shoulders from your ears?  ‘You feeling so
far away from fun you can’t remember what it is? Do yourself a favor and find the ‘off’ switch.

What is stress?
Simply put, stress is how we describe the body’s response to emotionally disturbing or threatening events – and it’s not all bad. It can make us more alert and give us more energy, which is fine to a point – but not when stress sticks around.

“Acute stress occurs if you’re say, in an accident or having an argument. You get a surge of adrenalin in your body, and your heart rate and blood pressure increases, giving you a heightened awareness. In some ways this helps you get through the stress. But we do know….

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