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Research Shows Stress Can Make You Overeat

Most people have a tendency to indulge in their favorite foods. However, when the problem of overweight arises, they have an equally bad tendency of altogether dropping out those food items which they like the most. This in fact, can bring out a reverse situation by making a person; overeat as they have just dropped out all the food that they find pleasurable to eat. This is not just a food statement, but something that researchers have investigated and found out and it’s a signal for dieters on what to watch out when they cut down their favorite food drastically for the sake of loosing those pounds.

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Mediterranean Diets and low-Carbohydrate diets found Beat out Low-Fat Diets

A recent study by over 20 doctors spanning two years has performed a comparison of three popular diets. Those diets are:

    – Low-Caborhydrate Diet
    – Mediterranean Diet
    – Low-Fat Diet

 In the study, the low-carbohydrate and teh Mediterranean-style diets outperformed the traditional low-fat diet. 

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