Non-invasive Methods for Supplying Insulin to Diabetes Patients

According to some recent findings in the field of medicine, researchers are of the view that there are some effective non invasive methods to deliver insulin to the diabetics such as oral insulin pills, transdermal ultrasonic therapy, nanotechnology-based therapy and many more. 


The most common mode of delivering insulin used till now was injections which were quite painful. Usually, at the thought of an injection, many people freak out and try to escape the treatment. It is especially so in the case of women. Therefore, some studies have been conducted to find out if there is any non painful non invasive method of delivering insulin to the body.   Oral insulin therapy requires the diabetes patient to take insulin pills on a regular basis. This therapy was not much in use till now as it took a lot of time for the insulin to break down in the digestive system. Due to this fact this method was not recommended much. But, later researchers undertook the task of restudying the effectiveness of insulin pills and they worked towards making them work for the diabetes patients. Researchers have tested in several cases that when absorption promoters are added, they help in easy absorption of insulin as it passes through the digestive tract.  

One of the most promising non invasive methods for delivering insulin seems to be the mode of inhaled insulin. However, how effective it is cannot be said with affirmation. It is still under experimentation. It is also known to have some side effects and is also priced at a much higher rate than the conventional mode of insulin transfer.  

Researchers have recently found that ultrasonic transdermal therapy is also quite effective for supplying the body with required insulin. Tests were conducted by the researchers on the rabbits. This therapy involves the use of cymbal transducer based 2-by-2 ultrasound array. This cymbal array has a size of 37 x 37 x 7 m and it weighs below 22 grams.

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