Visiting the Emergency Room Without Waiting in Line?

A company,  InQuickER, founded by Tyler Kiley out of Dalton, Georgia is creating a business allowing patients to go online and check into a emergency room. “With InQuickER, patients skip the ER waiting room by registering online and waiting at home.”  Clients can find the emergency room near them that will see in the least amount of time and schedule a time to be seen at the emergency room so that they don’t have to wait in the emergency room lobby for hours until they are seen.

InQuickERLogo Visiting the Emergency Room Without Waiting in Line?

Their claim: InQuickER will “drastically cut ER waiting room times from several hours or more down to 15 minutes or less”. In fact, InQuickER has a guarantee, “When you register online using the InQuickER service, our promise is that you will be seen by a Physician or a Physician Assistant within 15 minutes of your selected time”. In fact, if you wait more than 15 minutes, there will be no charge for your ER treatment.

Most everyone Tyler told about his idea came up with all the reasons why his business would not work. Tyler comments, “When we pitched the concept to our first hospital, there was quite a bit of concern about whether online ER preregistration was possible, but over the past three years, we have demonstrated the feasibility and value of the service.”. Tyler now has three hospitals working with him in the southeast including Emory Adventist Hospital in Smyrna, GA, Florida Hospital Waterman in Tavares, FL, and Infirmary West in Mobile, AL. The service continues to garner interest from additional hospitals, as this solution is a way to help regulate traffic flow in the ER, increase customer satisfaction, and streamline the registration process. Tyler adds, ”InQuickER gives patients more control of their ER experience, while offering hospitals a tool to increase efficiency; we’re adding value on both sides of the equation. We are looking forward to expanding InQuickER nationwide in the next year.”

InQuickERScreen Visiting the Emergency Room Without Waiting in Line?

The InQuickER Screen

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