Don’t Forget To Warm Up – Fitness And Stretching

warm up.thumbnail  Dont Forget To Warm Up   Fitness And StretchingBefore you begin your workout you stretch and after you do all of your workouts, you need to stretch again. Stretching after you’ve finished your workout is what allows your body to cool down and it will help to bring your heart and blood pressure down to what it was before you began working out. Stretching also gives you more freedom of movement, so you can do things you need to do and want to do. However, stretching alone is not going to help the strength or endurance.

You should hold each stretch for at least 15 seconds and always try to stretch just a little bit further with each stretch that you do. You should do your stretching for a minimum of five to seven minutes before your workouts as well as another five to seven minutes after you have completed your workout. The purpose of doing stretching after you’ve already done your workout is to allow your body to cool down and return your heart rate and blood pressure back to your pre-exercise level.

That’s how fitness and stretching come hand in hand. You do not at all want to go into any type of work out with cold muscles. You’ll only cause more problems. Stretching is a major part of your workout, they are simple to do and they do not take much time at all, it’s a must for any workout. So always remember before and after you do your workouts to make sure you stretch, it doesn’t take long. Just a minimum of five to seven minutes should be perfect.

So never start a workout without stretching first and do stretches after you’ve finished your workout. Their simple to do, they don’t take long and always remember that fitness and stretching always work together.

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