Good-mood foods my mother-in-law cooks

good mood foods.thumbnail Good mood foods my mother in law cooks    I love my mother-in-law. I truly do!

She cooks food that brings good mood. She’s also the first one to be surprised when I’m successful at doing anything  icon smile Good mood foods my mother in law cooks but I just can’t resist these foods she cooks .

Seriously now….. the relationship between food and mood is one that has intrigued people for centuries but it is only in recent times that we have really started to think about selecting food based on our mood.

Scientists at Massachusetts institute of Technology first linked food with mood when they found that a brain chemical “serotonin” was boosted by sugar and starch in carbohydrate foods, helping you to feel more relaxed.

In contrast, high protein foods were shown to make you feel more alert and energetic. You may also see benefits in your mood by having a well-balanced diet.Eating breakfast regularly has been reported to improve performance and lead to a more positive mood, better memory and feelings of calmness.

Researchers found that high blood glucose levels after breakfast are important for improving marital performance. Researchers now believe there may be a link between a good intake of omega-3 fats and lower incidence of depression.

Omega-3 fatty acids from fish, wild game and plants were part of the diet of our ancestors but these are being replaced by saturated fats from domestic animals and omega-6 polyunsaturated fats from common vegetable oils (corn, sunflower and soybean).

Other foods found to bring good mood?

Chocolate. One of the most powerful mood elevators is chocolate, says psychologist David Benton of Britain’s University of Wales. In studies, he played music that put students into a depressed mood. Then he offered them either milk chocolate or carob, an imitation chocolate. Chocolate improved their moods; carob didn’t. Also, chocolate cravings rose as moods sank. Benton says chocolate contains not just serotonin-boosting sugar and mind-soothing fat, but also other chemicals that favorably affect brain messengers controlling mood.

Foods high in vitamin D. If dim winter sunlight gives you seasonal affective disorder (SAD), getting more vitamin D may boost your mood. Australian researchers gave 44 healthy adults either 400 IU or 800 IU vitamin D or a “sugar pill” for five days in late winter. Subjects were unaware of which they were getting. It turned out those getting the vitamin D reported feeling better. One possible explanation: Vitamin D, called “the hormone of sunlight,” boosts levels of serotonin – a feel-good chemical – in the brain.

Vitamin D can be toxic, so don’t overdo it. The Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine recommends 200 IU vitamin D daily for ages 19-50, 400 IU for ages 51-70, 600 IU after 70. Food sources: salmon, fortified milk, fortified cereal.

B vitamin foods. B vitamins have profound effects on the brain. Much research shows correcting a deficiency of the B vitamin folic acid can relieve depression. Further, in a recent British study of 129 healthy young people, those taking a high daily dose (10 times the recommended daily dose) of nine vitamins for a year reported feeling “more agreeable.” Especially effective: thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2) and B6.In thiamine-deficient women, mood improved after three months. Researchers found 20 percent of those in the study had marginal thiamine levels. But thiamine boosted mood even in women not lacking thiamine. Foods high in B vitamins: dried beans, whole grains, fish, dairy products, poultry, eggs, bananas, avocados.

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