4 Asthma Attack Prevention Tips

asthma attack prevention.thumbnail 4 Asthma Attack Prevention Tips   Asthma attack prevention is possible!

Imagine having attacks 12 times  a year (or more) and effectively reduce that to only 3 ….or maybe less?

With the right asthma management plan plus these asthma prevention tips, your goal is realistically achievable:

(1) Learning to relax, whether sitting or standing.
At intervals, relax your shoulders, let your head drop gently towards your chest. Try meditation, too, to reduce stress which is a known cause of asthma.

(2) Sleep with a low, non-allergenic pillow and mattress if possible. Avoid feather-filled quilts. Ensure the mattress is vacuumed regularly and is dry – as dust mites are a major trigger for asthma.

(3) Shower or bath daily (we breathe through our skin too). Add Epsom salts or essential oils to bath water to help relax after exercise. Keep bathrooms well ventilated to prevent mould – an allergen.

(4) Begin an exercise regime and slowly work your body up to higher fitness. Start and finish all exercises breathing out. Always breathe long out, short in and do the exercise slowly.I hope these tips work for you. Feel free to e-mail us for further questions.  We’ll be glad to hear from you and answer some of your concerns.

Be well always icon smile 4 Asthma Attack Prevention Tips Author: Rowell Bulan, M.D.
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