Bed wetting solution : Alarm Method Helps 70%

bed wetting.thumbnail Bed wetting solution : Alarm Method Helps 70%When faced with treating a young child who suffers from bed-wetting, consider starting with behavior modification. If you run out of resources and all bed-wetting solution fails, try drug treatment.

As parents, here’s what I suggest you must do initially, before contemplating on any medications:

*Talk to the child. The first step for the parents of a child who wets the bed is to establish a bedtime routine. Make sure that the pat to the bathroom is well-enough lit and that the child knows that he or she has permission to get up during the night to go.

*Make practice runs. A few children will respond to this technique: when the child is first put to bed, he should pretend that his bladder is getting fuller and fuller until it is about to burst. Then have him run to the bathroom and void. When the child returns to bed, he should tell himself, “I am absolutely not going to wet the bed tonight. I am going to get up and go to the bathroom.”

*Alarm method. A bed-wetting alarm is helpful for about 70% of children. A child wears a pouch that is attached to his underwear. When the pouch gets wet, the alarm sounds and wakes the child. This method doesn’t stop a child from wetting, but after a while, it can train the brain to associate a full bladder with waking up.

One problem with using a bed-wetting alarm is that sometimes, children sleep right
through it, which means that parents need to listen for it.

*Drug treatment. A commonly prescribed drugs is Imipramine, an antidepressant. Its is effective for about 50% of patients. We don’t know why it works, but it has some properties for relaxing the bladder and tightening the sphincter muscle. However, it has a small therapeutic window, and it is easy to overdose.

I hope this helps.

cheers as always,

Rowell Bulan M.D.
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FAQs on bed-wetting as answered by Steven Friedman MD – Pediatrician

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