Cure bad breath and stop being the lion king

bad breath cure.thumbnail  Cure bad breath and stop being the lion king   Some say lions have the foulest breath of all…..

Those who contested this and tried to prove otherwise  (by sniffing at the lion’s breath), probably never saw the living daylights again.  Long live the king…another meal, another day icon smile  Cure bad breath and stop being the lion king

Well what about us,  humans?

Some researchers claim that the back of the tongue is a major source of bad breath. Thankfully, we can challenge this claim ourselves, without asking simba ( the lion king).

Here’s how you can do it:

Stick out your tongue as far as it will go, and give one of your wrists a good lick. Wait five seconds, and take a sniff.

Now repeat the process but this time, do it with just the front end of the tongue. No need to stick it as far as you did the first time.

Notice the difference?

Almost everyone’s tongue has an odor. But this simple experiment proves that bad breath source is way further back, towards your throat.

That said, it is not enough that you brush your teeth alone.

In fact, this articles shows you not just proper tongue hygiene but overall care of oral odors with these simple self-care techniques.

Here, we’ll cover the more common areas of concern:

Natural Remedy – Avoid laxatives including senna, as it caused the bowel to become lazy.
Take psyllium husks daily.

Diet - Drink 2 liters of water daily. Have nuts and seeds for breakfast. Eat 100% wholemeal bread and brown rice.

Other – Stress may be a cause of constipation. Practise deep abdominal breathing and relax the belly.

Post-nasal drip (Sinus):
Natural Remedy – For sinusitis, take echinacea, eyebright, gralic, goldenseal, goldenrod, horseradish,Vitamin C supplements.

Diet – Avoid milk products. Drink spicy hot soups. Foods good for sinus include: chilli, ginger, garlic,and thyme.

Other - Use a sinus rinse each morning before showering to constrict mucous membranes and cleanse sinuses.

Natural Remedy – Co-enzyme Q10 is helpful for bleeding gums. Also take vitamin C and mixed bioflavonoids.

Diet – Chew crunchy fruit and raw vegetables to increase blood flow to gums. Berries, sage and thyme are also good.

Other – Chew sugarless gum for five minutes after meals. Ask your dentist the correct way to floss.

There you go. I hope this article helps. Feel free to comment or suggest other oral self-care techniques.

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