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cure warts.thumbnail Cure WartsHaving warts is not a very pleasant experience for anyone suffering from them. Genital warts are even worse. And should you have genital warts you should consider getting them taken care of by a doctor.

One of the most disturbing areas of sexual health problems in recent years is the prevalence of genital warts that affect both male and female sex organs; they can also be found around the anus as well. This is an easily transmitted for of the human papilloma virus found in other more common varieties with the exception that this form is just as readily transmitted orally. Like many conditions, prevention is preferable but cannot be guaranteed even if a protective condom is worn; often women are unaware for some time they have genital warts especially if they internal.

Just to compound the problem, there is no reason why once infected a person is infected, they do not have to show signs straight away and the virus may not activate for months, even longer. This means the person who was infected starts infecting others as well. Ano-genital warts on male and female genitalia belong to a specific strain of human papilloma virus virus called HPV6 although there are now over 100 known types. Unless a woman is due for a routine medical examination by her gynecologist a woman may not discover the warts for some time hidden inside her genitals.

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Women may display some additional discharge as genital warts may cause the area around them to be moister than other areas and it is this condition which promotes their growth. Generally, the favored method of wart removal is with the use of extremely cold liquid nitrogen which is applied to the skin over the course of a few treatments after which it will die. The use of liquid nitrogen is dependant on the location of the infected area; this is a painless procedure but must be performed by a doctor.

Two other methods which require professional medical attention is the use of electro-cautery or the emerging laser wart removal process. Each treatment is dependent on where the infected area is but removal is no guarantee they will not return at some pint in the future. Another topical treatment for genital warts is imiquimod, and while it has been formulated to help the immune system fight the infection, the liquid does not kill the virus directly nor can it stop others from forming.

While imiquimod is generally effective there are times when it is unsafe so a consultation with the doctor is advisable especially when a woman is expecting a baby; this is also the case when the skin around the area is inflamed and in particular, internally. Imiquimod can cause some unpleasant side effects which need to be watched for including blisters, aches all over the body, coughs and it can cause the genitals to itch but a doctor can provide more information abut this. As with any information based on a medical problem, full information and options on genital warts should ideally be sought from a physician as this article is for general background only.

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