Jet lag cure – 3 Tips

jet lag cure.thumbnail Jet lag cure   3 Tips     Jet lag is disorientation and tiredness caused by the upset to your body’s circadian rhythms from crossing multiple time zones. It’s generally worse travelling from east to west.

Another contributor to jet lag is sleep deprivation. It affects everyone differently, so be aware of your own limitations, and try to buffer yourself before getting on the plane.

Try to get a good sleep before your flight or arrange to fly into the night. And while anytime
is a good time to stop smoking, an upcoming long trip can provide the extra incentive to give
it up.

Drink plenty of water, and avoid drinking too much alcohol or caffeine. Don’t overeat on the
plane, as you’ll be sitting down without being able to use up the energy intake. Try to eat
and sleep at your destination times, to acclimatise yourself before you even get there. If
you feel you need to use sleeping tablets during the flight, do so only under the guidance of
your GP or travel doctor, and be aware of the risks for deep vein thrombosis.

A recent arrival on the drug market is melatonin, which is claimed to help your body clock
adjust quickly. It is rarely 100 per cent effective and you should check with your GP before
using it.

If possible, avoid important tasks immediately after you arrive. This won’t always be possible
with work travel, so have a short nap sometime during the day – only about 40 minutes long,
as any longer will make you feel more tired.

If you’re going to be away for more than a few days, accustom yourself to the local time, even
if you don’t think you’re tired. Take a walk around your surroundings – the fresh air, daylight and
exercise will speed up your adjustment to the new sleeping times.

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