‘Got ‘ringing’ ears, feels like it’s full and you’re dizzy?

Chances are, you probably have Meniere’s Disease.

 It is a disorder of the inner ear where one can suffer from periods of nausea (wanting to vomit), vertigo ( feeling of spinning around) , pressure in the ear ( feeling of fullness or pain) . The precise
cause is unknown but it’s related to a build-up of fluid in the ear. Meniere’s disease can  be chronic, meaning it may last from many months to even years. People who suffer from this disease usually feel exhausted and can have a drastic effect onto one’s lifestyle.

- vertigo (dizziness)
- hearing loss
- tinnitus (ringing or buzzing sound in the ear)
- feeling fullness in the ear

Types of Treatment:
Everyone has a different experience of Meniere’s with various combinations of the
main symptoms. Treatment for someone who has vertigo may involve drugs to
control nausea and imbalance, while those who have tinnitus or hearing loss may
need a hearing aid.
A surgical procedure is usually a last resort, as it may result in permanent hearing

What you can do:
You can minimise the severity of a symptoms by making diet and lifestyle changes:
- reduce salt, alcohol, caffeine
- avoid stress
- eat a well-balanced diet

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