STIFF NECK – What causes it?

Soreness, tension or aching in our neck, often made worse by sudden movement.

Causes of  Stiff Neck?
Sleeping awkwardly, sitting or sleeping in a draught, holding the phone between your head and shoulder or 
turning suddenly. Many people also strain their neck by doing sit-ups incorrectly. The move comes fromthe neck, rather than the abs.

What can you do?
The temptation is to keep as still as possible to avoid pain. Instead, try to relax and
move freely. Start with small gentle exercises, such as lifting and dropping your shoulders
and rotating your head, and slowly increase your range of movement.

And in the long term?
If you can identify the cause, such as sitting under an airconditioning vent at work or
spending too much time on the phone, address it – move desks, use a telephone headset.
If you get a crick in the neck from sleeping awkwardly.
Check your pillows – they should just fill the gap between your neck and the bed. If
you’ve strained your neck doing sit-ups, “imagine you’re holding a grapefruit between
your chin and chest as you lift to isolate your abs.

When you see a Doctor
If the pain occurs after a trauma, see your GP to rule out whiplash.
And if it travels down your arm, causing tingling, it could be a nerve or disc problem.

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