Tired and worn-out? Here’s how you can bounce back…

tired and worn out.thumbnail Tired and worn out? Heres how you can bounce back...    I have been working like a dog lately but I’m pretty sure its not my job that is getting me tired and worn out. icon smile Tired and worn out? Heres how you can bounce back...

 ’Feel like we’re in the same boat?  Then let me share some tips on how I bounce back…

By pinpointing the triggers of tiredness, here’s how you can treat the problem yourself.

 Before you can fight off this feeling, you need to work out the source of your tiredness. There are many different ways to boost your energy levels and manage fatigue – for one, you can try some natural solutions.

As well as always feeling tired, do you catch every cold and flu bug going?

Take Action Drink plenty of water, fatigue is a sign of dehydration, and eat fish – omega-3 fatty
acids are effective in treating chronic fatigue as well as depressed immunity. A zinc supplement will increase your ability to resist upper respiratory and tummy bugs. Also, people with diets high in antioxidants such as vitamin E and beta-carotene actually had less allergy-related antibodies and reported 30 per cent fewer infections.

Try This Take 1000mg of omega-3s, 12-16mg. of zinc and 200IU of vitgamin E.

Exhaustion drains your brain, making memory lapses something else you have in common with your grandparents.

TAKE ACTION Rhodiola rosea or golden root has a long history as a super herb, used by ancient scholars to improve their attention. Vikings to boost their strength and Siberian newly weds to increase fertility. Russian studies looking at the antioxidant-stimulant and adaptogen-rich herb found it alleviates fatigue, irritability, headache and weakness.

Try This Take 50mg of Rhodiola rosea three times a day.

It takes energy to exercise, but exercise builds energy, too. With every workout, your heart strength
increases and boosts your energy by delivering 25 per cent more oxygen per minute when you’re resting. It also improves the quality of your sleep.

TAKE ACTION The potent antioxidant Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is widely used by athletes and sufferers of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) to improve cardiac function, the flow of oxygen within cells, energy production and nutrient absorption. But they’re not the only ones who benefit – studies show diabetics, women on the Pill, and people taking statins, or beta blockers are all CoQ10 is up to 120mg a day.

Call it a symptom of modern living but nervous exhaustion is on the rise, despite our obsession with healthy living. Technology may have promised to make work easier, but all it appears to have done is make it easier to take work home.

The results from a study on ginseng by British researchers at Northumbria University, show that the ancient tree’s decrease mental fatigue. Increase brain function, and stabilise blood sugar levels throughout the day.
Another option is malic acid, a natural energy-boosting substance found in apples and most vegetables. Not only does malic acid boost the immune system and halt the build up of toxins, it also stimulates the metabolism and therefore increases energy.

Try This Stick to a sugar-free diet and try to reduce energy-sapping stress. Also, take 200mg
daily of ginseng and 600mg of malic acid one to three times a day.

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