Common Symptoms Of Erectile Dysfunction

Not many people wish to discuss this topic as it is seen as embarrassing. Many think that erectile dysfunction (ED)is a problem, but in actual fact, it is commonly a mere sign that there are other areas that can be troubling you medically.

Erectile dysfunction, however, is usually the result of some other underlying condition. This underlying condition could be either psychological or physical. Disease, hormonal issues and neurological conditions could all trigger the onset of ED. More serious cases could be caused by things such as depression or anxiety.

Due to the fact that modern medicine and technology are allowing people to live longer and healthier lives, many people are enjoying sex later in life than they once did. This, and the fact that ED affects more men over the age of 65, is why this problem is now being looked at as a real medical condition.

If a person is unable to enjoy sex, which is a natural part of life, there can be devastating psychological effects. The presence of ED can also indicate the presence of some other disease. This is why the treatment of ED can be so difficult. Usually, there is a fundamental issue that needs medical treatment.

Aside from the obvious symptoms of ED, there are many other physical symptoms that may accompany it. One example of this would be high blood pressure. Diabetes is another underlying condition that is characterized by excess blood glucose and continual thirst. These are just two possible conditions that could be related to the onset of erectile dysfunction.

There may also be various psychological symptoms that accompany erectile dysfunction. Chronic depression is often associated with this condition. The difficulty arises when trying to decide if the depression is causing the impotence or the other way around. Either condition can cause the other.

The reason for impotence may be something as simple as performance anxiety if no other underlying condition can be found. This could occur if a man is once again trying to begin a sex life after a long period of time without. This could be because of being widowed or divorced, for example. The worry and anxiety of beginning to have sex again can cause doubt about one’s ability to do so. This can often lead to actual impotence. A pattern of self doubt and lack of confidence can begin if one starts to believe they cannot perform sexually.

It is up to you to sit down with your doctor and try to determine what the actual causes of the condition are. Without a clear diagnostic test, it will be almost impossible to treat. The condition may be able to be treated with drugs, such as Viagra or Cialis, or some other treatment may be necessary. Either way, proper diagnosis is the key.

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