Acne Info, facts you wanted to know but never dared to ask

ist1 1555799 oh my.thumbnail Acne Info, facts you wanted to know but never dared to ask Acne at any age can be a troubling condition, especially as an adult. However, even though it may vary widely in its severity from one person to the next, acne is still a very treatable and manageable condition if the skin is cared for properly, even during times when outbreaks aren’t a major concern.

Choosing the Right Skin Care Products

Starting out with products that are designed specifically for your actual skin type is the first step in treating adult acne. Many people make the mistake of using something that’s too harsh for their skin, or one that merely aggravates the acne, making it impossible for the skin to heal.

Products with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide are often used for treating acne at varying concentrations. Your doctor or dermatologist should be able to recommend something at a concentration that would be beneficial for your degree and type of acne.

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It’s always important to keep the skin’s many pores unclogged and as clean as possible. For skin that’s usually oily, use a toner with hydrogen peroxide at a level of three percent, while oily skin types and those with both normal or dry skin can also try witch hazel. Never use rubbing alcohol on any skin type, even extra oily as it will irritate existing acne and dry the skin out far too much.

Minimizing Stress

Clinical dermatological studies have proven that stress does indeed affect adult acne and the quality of the skin. Besides the body’s outward appearance, we also know that stress, tension, and anxiety also directly affect many other organs of the body in addition to the largest organ of all, the skin. While it’s not possible to avoid all tension and irritation, make it a point to relax and avoid known stressors.

Protecting Your Skin From Damage

Ultraviolet rays (UV) rays, whether from the sun or artificial sources like tanning beds, are harmful to the skin, even without the presence of acne. The myth that a sunburn will help to peel away damaged layers of skin, causing new skin that’s free of acne to form, is a rather dangerous one. While this is partly true, the increased risk of cancer, the acceleration to the aging process, and the damage to the skin that results is hardly worth it as gentle exfoliation will also promote the growth of new and healthy skin cells.

Gentle Skin Care

Treating skin with acne as gently as possible is imperative for avoiding irreparable damage, especially on skin that’s already inflamed or overly sensitive. Even skin that’s not affected by acne should never be scrubbed or exposed to harsh chemical-laden cleaning agents as the delicate layers of skin beneath the visible surface are easily damaged. Always use a soft washcloth or something intended for use on the face or skin with acne when washing with a cleaning product that’s intended for your particular skin type.

Regardless of the regimen you follow or the type of products you choose, remember that effectively treating acne requires a great deal of patience and consistency in order to achieve results. All too often acne medication or a particular treatment isn’t used correctly, or for the right amount of time for it to work properly. Acne is one of those persistent skin conditions that requires repeated treatment for the results to be visible.

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