Avoiding STRESS-related aged skin

stress related aged skin.thumbnail Avoiding STRESS related aged skin Stress affects the skin’s vitality by constricting blood flow, interfering blood flow, interfering with sleep and causing the face to contort.

Lack of sleep directly impacts on how fresh you look the next day. If ongoing, the body is deprived of repair time.

Lines are worsened by over-using certain muscles. Of course, wrinkles are are a function of ageing, but these lines tell of someone’s emotional life.

Stress also shows in under-eye bags, blood-shot eyes and fatigued complexion.

Meditation, yoga and exercise can help you cope better with stress. If dull skin and lines are a concern, consider dermatological surface, rejuvenation, or Botox, or dermal fillers.

Finally, we find that stressed people tend to smoke, which only intensifies the problem and causes visible premature ageing.

 Be well and live life to its fullest icon smile Avoiding STRESS related aged skin

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