Permanent Hair Removal, here are your options

hair removal.thumbnail Permanent Hair Removal, here are your optionsIf you are ready for a more permanent hair removal solution, then laser hair removal treatments may be just right for you. Today’s modern adult is growing tired and frustrated with the daily or weekly ritual of shaving, waxing, or creaming off unwanted hair. To eliminate the need for this time-consuming task, many have turned to the latest technology in permanent hair removal – laser hair removal treatments.

Permanent Hair Removal Options

As you may already know, there are very few permanent hair removal options that are truly effective. One being electrolysis and the other laser. Even today, electrolysis is still being used as a permanent solution to removing unwanted hair. This process involves identifying and killing each individual hair by burning its roots. As you can imagine, the removal of hair from a large body area (such as the back), could be a time consuming and expensive proposition.

Besides the fact that the removal of vast quantities of hair on the back can take large amounts of time, electrolysis can also be pretty painful. Not only that, there will be a good number of treatments involved which can become very expensive. Because of these disadvantages, people shifted from electrolysis to laser hair removal treatments. The laser proved to be faster, almost totally painless, without side effects (in the majority of cases). The costs, due to the lesser number of treatments, is generally cheaper than electrolysis.

For these reasons, laser hair removal treatments are viewed as the permanent solution to unwanted hair removal. However, before investing your valuable time and hard earned funds for laser hair removal treatments, you should perform a little research on the procedure and understand the laser process and the associated cost of laser hair removal treatments.

Advantages of Using Laser Hair Removal Treatments

As far as advantages over other permanent hair removal techniques, laser hair removal is a non-invasive method of photoepilation, which doesn’t deal with needles or chemical creams. The advantages of laser hair removal include:

* It is painless as compared to other alternatives
* The technique is deemed safe by the FDA, when performed by licensed practitioners
* A majority of people have experienced long-lasting hair removal results
* Laser hair removal treatments are very effective for eliminating hair from large body areas (i.e. back or legs)
* Laser treatments are short in duration, taking only a few minutes for smaller areas

But the primary advantage of a laser hair removal treatment is the speed of the treatment in combination with the long-lasting results. For example, to remove hair from the back with a laser hair removal treatment usually only takes about an hour. In contrast, a full back hair removal treatment with electrolysis can take in excess of 125 hours.

Potential Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Based on the thousands of laser treatments, there are no side effects associated with a laser hair removal treatment. Any kind of serious side effects are extremely rare. Almost all laser hair removal equipment used in the US is certified by the FDA as safe for use in hair removal procedures.

Pigmentary changes of the skin that has been treated can occur, including either dark or light areas. These pigmentary changes may persist for a couple of months, but are almost always temporary in nature. This change is very rare in patients with fair skin, who are untanned. On very rare occasions, blisters and burns can occur in the laser hair removal process, but can occasionally occur in patients with dark, or deeply tanned, skin.

Overall, laser as a permanent hair removal option is a safe and affordable option for anyone looking to remove unwanted hair fast and efficiently. So, why not avoid the agony of repeatedly shaving, creaming, or tweezing and try this permanent solution to your hair removal needs?

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