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breast exam Cosmetic Surgery NewsForbes says: Aging people who have money are likely to look for plastic surgery help.They may get a tummy tuck or a breast job or a face lift. It gets addictive.

Actresses who’ve already hit 40 but don’t want to look it have been turning to Dr. Richard Ellenbogen, a plastic surgeon at the Beverly Hills Body practice. He uses the Volumetric Face Lift, which makes the face look young again by treating it like a deflated balloon. After taking fat via a needle from a patient’s abdomen, he inserts it under the eyes, in the cheeks or between the nose and mouth to sculpt full features. Ellenbogen sometimes also tightens the skin via small incisions around the ears. The procedure’s starting price is $15,000. Ellenbogen recommends that people who are photographed for a living schedule the procedure four to six weeks in advance of an event.

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While some stars will plan major nips and tucks such as liposuction months in advance, most go for easy touch-ups like injections of fillers, which can give the skin a full, younger appearance, and which don’t cause a lot of tell-tale swelling or bruising. “In general, the non-invasive or [minimally] invasive procedure market has expanded rapidly,” says Dr. Roxanne Guy, president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. “It started with the Botox boom, and it’s just built upon that.”

Today, Botox, which costs about $250 per treatment area, isn’t used just for zapping deep forehead wrinkles, according to Nikolov. It also works to prevent stains around the underarms by stopping the glands from producing sweat. About eight to 10 injections of Botox in the area can do the trick. “When you’re on the red carpet,” he says, “you look great, and maybe you’re a little nervous–no matter what, the last thing you want is to get perspiration on your gown.”

To prepare for their close-ups, some stars turn to cosmetic dentists for power bleaching, says Miami-based cosmetic dentist Jorge Blanco. Patients pay $500 to $1,000 for the procedure, which is done two and a half weeks in advance of an event. Blanco applies whitening gel to the teeth, then sits the patient in front of a light that promotes absorption for about an hour. Sensitivity may be a problem for a day afterward. Some dentists send people home with teeth-whitening trays and solution so they can control color all the way up to an event.

There’s been a boom in reality TV focusing on plastic surgery. It seems to be a subject of infinite interest among regular folks, even in Iowa, etc.

Based out of Michigan, Dr. Tony Youn is one of the best plastic surgeons in the country. He specializes in cosmetic surgery and, after graduating with the prestigious Advanced Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship in Beverly Hills, California, paid his dues learning the best techniques of the trade from his colleagues. Today, Dr. Youn prides himself on attention to detail and patient care and believes in the value of less invasive techniques and minimal downtime. He is known also for his work as an author, a lecturer and on the E! show Dr. 90210. More than this, Dr. Youn is famous for his Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery blog, which keeps readers up to date on the stars� plastic surgery comings and goings. Since its inception, the blog has logged more than 1.3 million hits and has covered such celebrities as Britney Spears, Burt Reynolds, David Copperfield, Demi Moore, Beyonce, and Sharon Osbourne.

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If Dr. Tony Youn looks a bit familiar, it may be because he appeared in the first season of E! Entertainment’s Dr. 90210. And if you think you’ve seen or heard the name of this Michigan-based plastic surgeon before, it’s because he writes a popular celebrity plastic surgery blog, and his expertise and opinions on treatments and procedures have been quoted in many national publications. Either way, Youn is no stranger to celebrities, plastic surgery or a combination of the two.

Dr. Tony Youn practices at the Hills Plastic Surgery and Laser Centre in Rochester Hills, Michigan. And while he doesn’t necessarily cater to celebrities, he operated on a few during his fellowship in Beverly Hills, California. Unfortunately, confidentiality laws prohibit Youn from divulging their names. His company Web site, Beverly Hills Beauty, speaks more to his career as a board certified plastic surgeon.

Why did you decide to specialize in plastic surgery?

I�ve always had an interest in both art and surgery. Plastic surgery is a nice combination of both.

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