There are several forms of dermatitis, the common inflammation of the skin that causes
redness and swelling, or blistering and intense itchiness.

1. Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema)
2. Contact Dermatitis which comes in two forms:
- Irritant contact dermatitis stems from the chemical effect of substances on the skin, such as
hair dyes, perfumes or plants, detergents and solvents, acids and alkalis, oils and cleansers. Your
job may make you more vulnerable to this form of dermatitis:
homemakers, caterers, cleaners, nurses, hairdressers, builders and mechanics are likely sufferers.

Less common is allergic contact dermatitis, whereby some people become allergic
to common everyday substances. The most common cause is nickel, found in costume jewellery, metal
clothing stds and pierced-ear sleepers. Women are usually the sufferers.

 If you or your child has dermatitis symptoms, seek medical attention.If you have dry skin or a tendency to dermatitis, you should use hypoallergenic cosmetics, avoid the
cause, pat rather than rub your skin dry, avoid too many showers or baths, which dry the skin, and use
a soap substitute.

It’s important to isolate the cause of contact dermatitis and avoid it if possible. If it si less severe at
weekends, it could be a work-related irritant.
Patch-testing may be used to solve the mystery. Treatment usually involves corticosteroid creams or

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