Developing Diabetes, Good Sleep, and Female Hair Loss

Symptoms of diabetes

The numbers of people with diabetes continues to rise while their age at the onset of diabetes drops. Type 2 diabetes, which was originally called adult – onset diabetes, is now affecting children, due mainly to the trend towards obesity.

Identification of Diabetes


Being affected by diabetes requires careful examination of ones blood sugar reading. Besides keeping an eye out for high blood sugar, they also have to be knowledgeable of warning signs of hypoglycaemia, also known as low blood sugar. Using what’s known as a blood glucose meter, a person who has diabetes can tell if his/her sugar level is low. Normal fasting blood sugar is 70 to 100 mg/dl.

Some causes of Diabetes

Emotionally stressed mothers who may have other psychological problems may result in an increased risk of their children having diabetes. Mothers who experienced a stressful event such as divorce, a violent relationship, and stressed out in the home and over-burdened by the family have a greater chance of developing diabetes.

Quality sleep

If the quality of your sleep is sadly lacking then start exercising regularly if you don’t exercise already. Exercise improves your quality of sleep in in many respects and we’ll ignore all the other health benefits!

Benefits of Exercise for better Quality Sleep

Exercise will elevate the level of your natural body temperature rhythm, and assist your body temperature in peaking at a higher level. This will increase your energy levels over the course of the day and you’ll have more energy, alive, and encouraged.

As the levels of your body temperature will max out at a higher level, your body temperature will also drop more easily and deeper. This will allow you to sleep deeply, without interruptions.

A regular work-out will prevent your body temperature rhythm from flat-lining, allowing your body to get that precious sleep even if you’ve had a stressful day, or you missed your work-out for that day.

Women’s hair

Losing hair is a part of everyday living, whether you realize it or not, and generally gets worse as people grow older, but can be a problem for people of all ages. Hair loss is a gradual process and some research tends to indicate that follicle hairs will take up to 5 years to completely stop producing hair from the time that hair loss was apparent.

For many patients, hair loss is a major emotional problem and is often the case after major surgery, so patients should talk to their surgeon about this possibility before undergoing surgery.

Children suffering from leukaemia may well suffer some amount of, or total loss of, hair. A male hormone, DHT or dihydrotestosterone, which is derived from androgen, is usually responsible for male and female pattern baldness.


Generally women suffer from their hair becoming thinner as they get older and the pattern of hair loss in women is different to the typical receding hairline and crown loss that is often found in men. Women’s hair loss is as common as men’s hair loss, but because of hormonal differences between men and women, women generally lose their hair in a more diffuse way than men.

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