Hair Loss Treatments And Solutions: There Are Many Possible Hair Loss Causes

hair loss Hair Loss Treatments And Solutions: There Are Many Possible Hair Loss CausesPeople will lose approximately 50 to 150 hairs each day with a new hair growing from the identical follicle at a rate of approximately a half inch each month. People are considered having hair loss whenever the rate of loss is greater than the rate of regrowth.

Possible Hair Loss Cause

There are several possible causes of hair loss, including medications, hereditary and an underlying medical condition. Several times, the hair loss is temporary and it will grow back.

Researchers are considering that people are somewhat targeted by nature to go through Androgenetic alopecia and a trigger event begins the process. I need to emphasize that people with a family history of hair loss will at times experience it.

Hair Loss Causes

You need to remember that the lack of iron, or the lack of protein and fad and the rapid diets can affect your nutrition, sparking hair loss in several people. Over time however, the balance will comeback and the hair will grow back.

Arthritis, drugs for gout, or high blood pressure can have side effect and cause hair loss and even some women can lose hair whereas they’re taking birth control pills. Ongoing chemotherapy will also cause hair loss, but once the treatment is over and all the chemicals work out of the body, hair typically grows back.

Hypothyroidism might cause hair loss as well, typically frontal, and is in particular connected with thinning of the outer third of the eyebrows

Hyperthyroidism might also cause hair loss, but it is parietal rather than frontal.

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