Hair Removal Therapy – things you should know

Dangers of Laser Removal On Blonde Hair
However, you must be aware that there are still many health spa centers that rely on older technology; if they are somewhat unscrupulous there is a risk that some may advise you against attempting laser hair removal on blonde hair claiming that it cannot be successfully performed, in order to sell you other kinds of hair removal services.

Effective Laser Removal On Blonde Hair
Laser hair removal on blonde hair can be successful and potent, but it is essential that you are well-informed and that you do your research thoroughly in order to identify the very best health spa centers in your local area for your own special requirements. People who are pale-skinned and dark-haired are fortunate in that they can be treated at any FDA-authorized laser hair removal health spa centers, but if you are looking to have your blonde hair treated with lasers then you will need to be choosier.

All laser hair removal systems can temporarily reduce hair growth for all hair colors except completely unpigmented hairs (i.e. white hairs). However, with old-style laser hair removal systems, blonde, red or gray haired clients were unlikely to see much difference in terms of permanent reduction of undesirable hair – they would need to be treated at about 1-3 month intervals to obtain much benefit.

Modern Laser Hair Removal Therapys
With modern laser systems, the range and precision of light wavelengths offers many more possibilities and the more advanced hair removal clinics will carefully tailor treatment to each clients individual requirements based on skin color and hair color. An example of one of these systems is the “Epilight” hair removal system.

Other options for Laser Hair Removal on Blonde Hair include hybrid systems such as the “ELOS” system, which blends laser technology with the use of radio waves.

Pigmenting Blonde Hair for Laser Hair Removal
Other advances that are making laser hair removal possible for almost all people include pre-laser treatments which allow doctors to artificially dye the hair follicle cells to enable them to be better targeted by the lasers used in hair removal. Meladine, made from natural chemicals sourced from marine squid ink, is one such treatment that has been approved by the FDA to be used alongside Laser Hair Removal on Blonde Hair.

Classification of Your Hair and Skin Type for Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal doctors will classify your skin type based on a system called “The Fitzpatrick Chart”, and it is helpful to be aware of this system in preparation for your discussion with a laser hair removal consultant or doctor.

Skin Types on the Fitzpatrick Chart:
TYPE I: Very pale and prone to burning, never tans.
TYPE II: Very sensitive to the rays of the sun, often burns, hard to tan.
TYPE III: Sensitive to the rays of the sun, sometimes burns, tans slowly to light brown color.
TYPE IV: Not particularly sensitive to the rays of the sun, rarely burns, tans to moderate brown.
TYPE V: Not sensitive to the rays of the sun, rarely burns, tans well.
TYPE VI: Insensitive to the rays of the sun, never burns, deeply pigmented.

clients seeking Laser Hair Removal on Blonde Hair can now find the right treatment, as long as you can commit some time to seeking the answers to point you in the right direction!

By Ingrid Preube

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