How To Stop Hair Loss

Male pattern baldness is a rising problem for many men experiencing this problem. Male pattern baldness is also called male hair loss because it is the most common type of hair loss in men. Most men who usually have this aren’t fully aware what will happen over time. Many bald men have become bald after experiencing hair loss over time. Male hair loss can be stopped by taking the most effective measures. Here are 3 ways to stop male pattern baldness.

3 Quick Steps to Reverse Hair Loss

1. Drink a lot of water.

This is the easiest way to slow down the process. Water helps clear out toxins and impurities from your system that slows down your hair growth. Drinking at least a gallon of water a day (about 8 cups of water) helps your body warm up to stop male pattern baldness.

2. Follow a High protein diet.

Remember that hair itself is made of protein. Make sure you get in at least 1g of protein a day for your bodyweight. If you’re 150lbs, you should take in at least 150g of protein a day. Many men aren’t aware how to take in that much protein a day. You can get this amount in easily by eating ground beef, chicken breasts, tuna and fish. You need all the EFAs (Essential fatty acids) and natural oils (like Flax seed and Fish oils) you can get to slow down hair loss. Eat clean meats, not fatty beef from junk food. Avoid alcohol, sugars and bad fats because they can slow down hair regrowth. Your aim is to maximize your hair regrowth speed in your body.

3 Easy Steps to Reduce Hair Fall

3. Get a working hair regrowth product.

Remember to get something that works because hair regrowth is a serious issue. You don’t want to contaminate your body with dangerous chemical ingredients that don’t work and can be potentially harmful to your long term health. Make sure the products you choose to get actually have no side effects because you don’t want to use unnatural, chemical ingredients on your hair; you want to give them the natural refreshment they need.

A frequently used drug from hair loss is finasteride. Also called propecia, this medicine is for people with genetic predisposition for hair loss. The side effects of using this drug include premature ejaculation, impotence, erectile dysfunction and lower sex drive. This is a big problem for men, because no man wants to sacrifice those benefits for hair regrowth. There are products that will help you regain your hair and keep your sexual health.

Finding the Best Hair Loss Product

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