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From skin care to hair removal, we are bombarded with information on our beauty. Do we really care that much? Well, yes! Our looks can make a big difference in how we fill. Don’t tell me if you have acne you like going out where everyone can see you? It can make you fill like crap.

Lowers your self esteem. Besides skin care there also is unwanted hair. Mother nature tends to give us stuff we don’t want, need nor desire. Fortunately getting rid of unwanted hair is easier to deal with than acne or skin problems. Let’s explore this topic a bit here.
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Over the years we women have desired less and less hair on their bodies. The smooth silky finish we crave isn’t achieved with a razor. One method that is becoming increasingly popular is hot wax hair removal. This is becoming the method of choice for women everywhere that want a silky smooth finish that doesn’t disappear the next day.

With a plethora of hair removal products on the market some people may still be wondering why hot wax hair removal has lasted so well. It is not a perfect system however, but overall the benefits outweigh the failings. It’s not just the finish it gives but wax removal is also less expensive than many of the more modern approaches. We all know that shaving is a real drag, I can’t count how many times I have cut myself and of course, the bleeding never seems to stop.

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It’s not just the fact that you have a razor cut that won’t stop bleeding; it’s that it always happens right before you have an engagement. I think the poor guys have it worse though, having to shave everyday and still getting the 5 O’clock shadow, something that we girls don’t have to worry about if we use wax removal. The best part about using hot wax hair removal is what happens when the hair grows back; it gets progressively thinner over time. So the more often I wax, the less hair returns which is fine by me; something a shaver cannot promise!

If you are old fashioned and still shave you must notice that the more you shave the quicker the hair returns. There is a little pain with the hot wax hair removal system but nowhere near as much as many people would have you believe. You will understand exactly where I’m coming from if you compare it the Epilady system. This little torture device is straight from the Medieval ages. A long time ago when they first came out I was foolish enough to try one but I threw it away within a few seconds of using it, it just wasn’t worth the pain.

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One of my college friends was born in India and knew about hot wax hair removal so suggested I try it with her the next time she went. It only took the one visit to convince me and I haven’t used any other method since that time. It’s ironic really when you consider what a poor opinion many people have for wax removal systems. When you think about the alternatives, to my mind there is no comparison, it beats them hands down.

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