Thyroid And Seasonal Hair Loss

thyroid Thyroid And Seasonal Hair LossHair loss is something that is commonly accepted in men—in fact, it is almost expected that men will lose hair as they age. However, hair loss in women is less common, and thus is less accepted by society. There is often a stigma attached to baldness in women, and many women go to great lengths to prevent, disguise, and treat hair loss.

Understanding the major causes of hair loss in women can be extremely helpful in addressing the problem. In women, hair loss can be seasonal or due to a thyroid condition. These are two of the most common causes of hair loss.

Thyroid And Seasonal Hair Loss

One of the major contributing factors to hair loss is hormonal imbalance, which is often attributed to hypothyroidism. The increased production of androgenic hormones, which is one side effect of hypothyroidism, can often lead to baldness in women. Androgens, which consist of the two related hormones testosterone and DHT, cause hair follicles to die and fall out.

Medicine used to treat hypothyroidism can also cause hair loss. The intention of thyroid medicine is to correct a hormonal imbalance; however, because it is yet another factor that alters hormone levels, it can be another cause of hair loss. More about Hair Loss and Health and Fitness.

Seasonal Hair Loss

Believe it or not, one of the most common causes of hair loss in women is the change of seasons. Though this might seem like too simple of a solution, the changing of seasons has been known to cause hair loss in women. During times of increased temperature, women with thick hair frequently shed some of their locks. It’s similar to when your pet sheds their fur—nothing to worry about at all!

Ruling Out The Worst

Despite thyroid and seasonal hair loss being most common in women, it is important to rule out other, more serious medical conditions that could also be the cause of hair loss. Your doctor can help you to determine whether thyroid and seasonal hair loss is, in fact, your problem—or if the cause could be something more serious.

There are several serious medical conditions that have hair loss as one of the side effects. The conditions could have tragic results if they are not recognized and treated as soon as possible, which is why you should consult your doctor if you experience hair loss.

Some of the more serious medical conditions that could lead to hair loss in women include: anemia, ovarian tumors, Lupus, and anorexia. Experiencing hair loss could be a sign of one of these conditions, so make sure to consult your doctor.

No Concerns About These Causes

As far as hair loss goes, thyroid and seasonal hair loss are really nothing to be worried about. While seasonal hair loss must be waited out, thyroid disorders can be treated with medication. Thyroid or seasonal hair loss is easy enough to address.

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