WEAK NAILS – What causes it?

The Cause:
Nail strength relies on calcium, but if you talons always split and snap,
add foods to your diet that are rich in silica. If you don’t have adequate
levels of silica, your body can’t send the calcium to where it’s needed.

The Solution:
Eat more silica-rich foods. “Horsetail tea and nettle tea – if you can
stomach it – are great sources of silica or try some unpolished seeds, nuts
and grains, especially sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

Beauty Fix:
Nourish weak nails with products designed to strengthen. Manicare has
a comprehensive range of specialist nail treatments, including Calcium Nail
Builder, with vitamin B5 and calcium to moisturise and strengthen nails,
and Gentle Nail Hardener which creates a protective shield over the nail
and seals the edges to prevent tearing.

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