WRINKLES – 3 top tips


1 – Take short showers
If the mirror steams up, you’ve been in the shower too long and are more
likely to develop eczema, itchy winter skin and dry skin conditions. If you
suffer from tinea, try using a hair dryer to dry yourself thoroughly before
you get dressed.

2 – Moisturise wet skin
More cream will be absorbed if you apply moisturiser to moist skin, usually
straight out of the shower. Also be aware that as you age, the skin on your
knees and elbows dries out more, so don’t skimp on those areas.

3. Spend Wisely
There’s no really strong evidence that the more expensive anti-wrinkle creams
or moisturisers are always more effective. I recommend good old-fashioned
sorbolene or a thick chemist’s-own moisturising cream. They’re the best
nourishment around for your face.

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