Some Latest Findings about Heart Diseases


With numerous advancements in medical science, some studies have been done to treat the heart diseases recently and medical fraternity has come up with some interesting facts. Among various treatments that keep a check on your cardiovascular health, digoxin treatment figures prominently. Extensive studies have been done to find the real root cause and cure of heart diseases. Further attempts are being made to establish if certain genes cause specific groups of diseases.   

All these findings are suggestive of the fact that genes do make a difference and are at times responsible to give rise to some complex diseases in adults such as atherosclerotic heart disease.  DNA tests were conducted on a large number of people to test if genes are a reason for health problem. It was then established that genes alone as well as in combination with others lead to coronary diseases.  

Even when the heart stroke is not fatal, it causes major damage to the body. It impairs many body functions and disables the victims from doing many things they used to do earlier. When a person is affected by heart stroke, what basically happens inside the body is that the flow of blood to the brain gets obstructed and this happens due to blockage in the arteries of blood. When brain does not get sufficient oxygen and other vital nutrients, the brain cells tend to die posing threat to body. Your health gets badly affected.  

Several studies have been done to find out if reduced sodium intake helps to take care of your cardiovascular health as well. As per the reports, it has been found that if you lower your sodium intake, it will not just help in keeping check on your level of blood pressure but will also aid in maintaining your cardio health. The chances of heart stroke are highly reduced in people who consume less sodium.  

Studies have also been conducted to find out if digoxin is of any use in treating heart diseases. Also the same thing was tested in patients suffering from severe sinus problem. In both the cases, it was found that digoxin treatment is quite effective in treating the two medical conditions. For further proof, the test was conducted no two groups; in one case the treatment of digoxin was done on a continuous basis while in the case of other group, the treatment was not given. The basic idea was to find out if there is any change in case digoxin is withdrawn. For three months, these tests were done and ultimately it was discovered that patients who were not given digoxin showed a deteriorated condition.  

Digoxin is believed to be one of the best treatments for people who take diuretics but their bodies do not respond favorably to angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor. People who have tolerance for angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor but despite that they remain symptomatic, even they can be very well treated with digoxin. Certain studies even indicate that in some people, taking digoxin treatment in addition to diuretics helps.  

Thus, these are some of the recent most medical advancements that have shown a new ray of hope to fight against heart diseases.

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