Want to have access to your kid’s immunization records via the phone?

Have you ever gone to a doctor and wished you had remembered to have your insurance information or that you had a record of when your child had his or her last vaccination?  Well, now you can enter all that information online and have it available on your mobile phone.

 As of May 2009, AllOne Mobile secured by Diversinet went live with a secure mobile consumer direct PHR (personal health record) solution that is offered by Microsoft’s HealthVault.  The product is now available for purchase for $25 per year.  The link to the solution is  http://healthvault.com/websites/AllOneHealth-AllOneMobile.html?type=application.

The application has been designed to give users secure and immediate access to a host of personal information. Diversinet is the company that provides authentication and security technologies for the wireless devices so that you feel safe to store such information on a phone.

 What does this mean?

   Your mobile phone could be the place you go to look up health information for you and your family.

  •  You can load all of your immunization information, allergies, and other medical information for you and your family.

  •  You can store your insurance information.

  •  You can recieve health alerts.

  •  The technology can also fax information to your provider by entering a phone number on your phone.

If you want to use this technology, you have to run an application on your phone. Some phones allow you to do this and others will not, so you will need to look into this.

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