Stress Management. Switch off now or…..

stress management.thumbnail Stress Management. Switch off now or.....…switch off now, I say…..or you’ll end up like him….errr…like her…sorry…can’t really tell….

 So stressed that you can’t separate your shoulders from your ears?  ‘You feeling so
far away from fun you can’t remember what it is? Do yourself a favor and find the ‘off’ switch.

What is stress?
Simply put, stress is how we describe the body’s response to emotionally disturbing or threatening events – and it’s not all bad. It can make us more alert and give us more energy, which is fine to a point – but not when stress sticks around.

“Acute stress occurs if you’re say, in an accident or having an argument. You get a surge of adrenalin in your body, and your heart rate and blood pressure increases, giving you a heightened awareness. In some ways this helps you get through the stress. But we do know….

 ….for people prone to heart attack, their risk increases when they’re greatly stressed”.Chronic stress may not seem as dangerous, but it chips away at your health.

The way you respond to stress is crucial. Some people overeat, which is not very good for you. You’d be better off embarking on a regular exercise program, which not only alleviates the stress, but benefits your mental health and reduces your risk of having a heart attack.  

5  WAYS TO switch off stress:

Exercise (such as walking or cycling), even for 30 minutes a day, is a great stress-buster

The many benefits are huge, not the least, mental calm and clarity.

It boosts the endorphins in our brain, which help to ward off stress.

Many studies show that it helps to reduce blood pressure and stress.


–Do you often bring work home and spend at least one day a weekend working?
–Do you carry your mobile around with you at all times so that you’re contactable?
–Do you find yourself regularly working a 50-80 hour week?
–Are you hard-pressed to remember the last time you took a proper holiday?
–Do you find it hard to sleep, or often wake up at 3am worrying about work issues?
–Do you deal with stress by drinking, smoking or eating more?
–Are you constantly fielding complaints from your partner about your long work hours?

If you answered yes to any of the above, it’s time to find the “off” switch.

Schedule time to relax and recharge, and take care of yourself!

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