Building muscles when you don’t want to

building muscles.thumbnail Building muscles when you dont want to  Building muscles is not for everyone, but know this…..

Your strength and endurance rely on exercising your muscles regularly.

Builing muscles is essential. It’s important to work all the major muscle groups in your exercise program. You can easily fit in more exercise simply by incorporating more physical activity into your day. You can’t go wrong with walking. It’s convenient and it’s cheap – you only need invest in a decent pair of shoes. Add an umbrella and you can even do it in the rain.

The important thing is to choose something you like doing. Even simple things like doing tummytucks and pelvic floor exercises while you’re waiting at the traffic lights or making sure you get upand move during the ad breaks when you’re watching TV are helpful.

Whether it be weight training to build muscle mass or a regular Pilates or yoga class, the aim is to find something you can happily fit into your schedule.

How you could lose it:
If you need to stop exercising for a short time, don’t worry too much because regaining your fitness will take less effort than it did when you first started. But if you’re serious about improving your fitness, strength and cardiovascular health, you should really have no more than two days off between exercise sessions.

Muscles don’t turn to fat if you stop exercising, but once you start having days off between sessions, your muscles will lose tone and density and will become weaker.

 So keep building those muscles and live life to its fullest..

Rowell Bulan MD

Too busy to exercise? Then do it on the road. Here’s how:

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