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There exist a myth that alternative medicine or as some refer to as  “natural remedies” has less risks or NO side effects as compared to what you get when taking prescription drugs…… WRONG!

Synthetic or “natural”,  if it has the abilty to make you feel better, to increase your concentration or
produce the desired effect similar to that of the conventional precription drug , then it is also clear that it has the ability to alter your body’s normal ( or usual) physiological and biochemical function…..thus creating the effect ( or side effect), the balance ( or imbalance) to the human body.

That said, I am for natural remedies icon smile Hello Everyone! Yes…truly I am. I have been inspired by a surgeon who has devoted most of his valuable time bringing some awareness to the benefits of natural remedies. This is why I am blogging about it. Kinda like a safety check for you if you want to put it that way ( in case, you do take natural or alternative meds)

Please do feel free to drop some comments from time to time…. Your efforts will be sincerely appreciated icon smile Hello Everyone!

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DISCLAIMER: The blogpposts herewith are simply my opinions. You should not take what you read here as final and I strongly advise that you consult your own medical practioner before anything else…

“Feel better, Think Better”

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