Your Diet And Minerals And Your Diet

Minerals rank with protein as the most neglected, haphazardly obtained nutrients in our American diet. And more especially in the diets of everybody past forty. One of the ‘three deficienciess of later years,’ spoken of frequently in nutritional reports, is mineral deficiencies. (The other two ”starvations’ in older bodies are protein and vitamin B-complex.)

Protein and minerals are so closely linked that to advise you to eat plenty of protein, without stressing the need for equal care in obtaining a full quota of minerals, would be to tell only half the Eat-and-Grow-Younger story. Your body needs Joint Advance Formula. Get yourself what you need:

Minerals and your Diet

Multivitamins And Women
A report made this year to the National Academy of Sciences by a research team headed by Dr. Cannon emphasizes that the minerals potassium, phosphorus and magnesium are essential in the food for proper use of all body-building lipoprotein foods. This research team discovered that leaving out potassium from the regimen could lead to eventual congestive heart failure. Dead tissue developed within the heart muscles six days after potassium was taken out of the food. But when potassium was restored to the regimen, the body muscles began to rebuild, and the dead tissues in the heart healed. In other words, with potassium again present, lipoprotein could resume its appointed task of repairing and replacing body cells.

Multivitamins And Men
Protein and minerals are the chief actors in the nutritional drama, while vitamins play a secondary, although essential, role (vitamins, the front-page news of the past decade, are now recognized as being solely activators, that is, substances needed to set other substances into action). To neglect any of these three food elements is to wreck the nutritional drama. Yet to star vitamins over lipoprotein and minerals is an equally unsound practice. You can’t repair your body cells with vitamins alone, nor can you expect vitamins to do the nutritional work of minerals. Joint Advance Formula is essential for your body.. Get yourself what you need: Multivitamins and Men

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