10 Fat Blaster Tips from 10 Nutrition Experts

10 fat blaster tips.thumbnail 10 Fat Blaster Tips from 10 Nutrition ExpertsSome people are always on the look-out for the latest craze on losing weight……the latest ’fat blaster’ tips, newest wonder drug, ’breakthrough’ diet fads or exercise technique…. and so the list goes on……

So,what’s really the best guide for losing weight and healthy eating?

Ever wondered what advice diet and nutrition experts would give if they could only share one piece of information?

Well, here are 10 sound ‘fat blaster’ tips from 10 nutrition experts:

 1. Get into a routine with meals. Once you have meals planned, you are in control of food
rather than the other way around. Make sure you include a reasonable amount of protein foods at each meal to prevent uncontrolled hunger. Keep track of what you’re eating by keeping a food diary. Self awareness and monitoring helps to prevent burying your head in the sand.
-Dr. Manny Noakes, co-author of The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet

2. Food is only one piece of any weight-loss puzzle. The power of a three-phase lifestyle
approach will deliver weight loss and the know-how to keep it off for good. Commit to change old habits which lead to unwanted kilos, choose food wisely and move more often.
-Mia Sadler, director, The Food Group

3. Eat a salad a day for good nutrition and weight loss. US research shows that eating a salad as an entree reduces the overall amount of food eaten at that meal.
-Catherine Saxelby, consultant nutritionist.

4. Think of food not as a means to weight loss but as a chance to feed your wellbeing. Think of household chores as an opportunity to burn energy, and eat a healthy, low-GI diet.
-Professor Jennie Brand-Miller, author The Low GI Diet

5. Many people embarking on a change in diet often forget that essential ingredient – do I like the food choices suggested or offered? Many people set themselves up for disaster by starting on diets that are not tasty, unrealistic, restrictive and definitely not fulfilling.
-Geraldine Georgeou, accredited practising dietician

6. There are two food groups in the world – basic foods like plant food (fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds) and bonus foods (everything else). At least two-thirds of the foods you eat must be plant foods.
Also, aim to eat 15 different bits and pieces of plant-variety food a day. This helps you lose weight and reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease.
-Dr. Joh Tickell, author of The Great Australian Diet

7. The thing I say to my patients is that the changes you make have to be sustainable- you have to make them for life. Also, watch your serving sizes, and if you know that you’re no good with overeating, practise portion control.
-Kate DiPrima, dietician and spokesperson for the Dieticians Association of Australia

8. Losing weight is not about starving yourself; it’s really about eating what you want, with certain modifications. And it’s okay if you don’t like spinach or broccoli – you don’t have to eat it. Find out what you like and then make it work for you.
-Jillian Michaels, trainer on Network Ten’s The Biggest Loser

9. Write down in a notebook everything that you eat and drink. And I mean absolutely every morsel. A complete picture of you and your diet will open a window and give you an understanding of your eating habits and their effect on your life, energy levels, weight and health.
-Dr. Gillian McKeith, author Ultimate Health Plan

10. You should begin the day on a high. The two best things you can do for yourself are to go for a walk for 30-45 minutes and have a bowl of muesli, fruit and yoghurt. The walk helps improve your mood and the breakfast is low GI, so will keep you feeling satisfied for hours. People who eat breakfast tend to eat well for the rest of the day.
-Cate Lombard, dietician, The Jean Hailes Foundation

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