Avoid These Stupid Mistakes For Losing Fat And Building Muscle

strength training.thumbnail Avoid These Stupid Mistakes  For Losing Fat And Building MuscleThere are a lot of mistakes people tend to do when making their body building meal plans. Most individuals have a lot of misconceptions about the diet necessary when bulking up. One of the best resources I have found for building muscle is this website – bodybuilding programs. You might also be interested in checking out this article on muscle building and muscle gain – building muscle.

If you can avoid these common mistakes, you’ll go a long way toward building more muscle.

1) Not working legs

This could be the biggest muscle mass building mistake that bodybuilders make when starting out. They avoid heavy barbell squats. Barbell squats, done correctly, and done intensely, are the single biggest muscle mass building exercise you can do. And yet how many people do you see at your gym doing heavy barbell squats?

2) Trying to use infomercial ab gimmicks

When you see an advertisement for an “miracle” piece of ab equipment, the people who are using them usually have great bodies, low body fat, and a great abs. However I can guarantee you one thing, and that is they did not get that way to using one single piece of abdominal exercise equipment.

Like we just talked about with why lots of crunches do not help you get them, the same holds true for any ab crunch machine or anything else you see on an advertisement.

This all goes back to the false concept that working the abs with lots of exercises will directly lead to abs. All the people who have the best abs got them by exercising their whole body and by adhering to a very strict diet. Not by using some ab crunch gimmick for “two easy payments of $29.95.”

3) Failure to Track Most bodybuilders don’t know how to track their progress, or they neglect to track their progress. Often times, bodybuilders fail to have a structured system to follow to evaluate and gauge their progress. Without a roadmap, you are headed down a dead end road.

4) Supplement Reliance Many bodybuilders get a condition called supplement-overload. This is simply taking too many supplements in hopes to build a superhuman body overnight. There are a few key supplements that help to build muscle. Knowing what supplement to take and when to take it can make all the difference in muscle gains. Overloading on the latest supplement trend will only deflate your wallet.

5) Some people have the wrong notion that a body building meal plan should be composed solely of protein and all other nutrients, namely fat and carbohydrates, should be eliminated. The truth is, when bulking up, you also have to increase your carbohydrate intake to give you the necessary energy to work out.

Avoid these stupid mistakes and you should go a long way with your goal of Muscle Gain.


  1. love handles says:

    I must agree with what you have stated on not working out the legs. A lot of men that workout, including myself often have a low priority than other body areas.

    I wonder why that is?


  2. Jay says:

    Maybe ’cause women like ripped chests. I don’t remember the last time a girl said “Mmmm look at those ripped legs!”

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