Calorie Shifting; A Weight Loss Method

You’ve probably heard of the term, “calorie shifting.” If you have, it’s likely because you were trying to get off the 5 pounds you managed to put on during the holidays or you’re simply trying to start eating healthy.

If you haven’t heard of the term, though, it’s basically a weight loss method that isn’t harmful to your body or slow down your metabolism. You can lose weight with weight loss pills but a great alternative or supplement to pills is the shifting calories’ method.

Calorie shifting, where you start alternating between different foods in both amount and in content, is one of the fitness programs that can help keep your metabolism high and keep you losing weight at a steady rate. Essentially, because your body doesn’t feel the lack of calories or perceive anything as missing, you will avoid entering starvation mode. Take a look at a few tips for getting started when it comes to calorie shifting.

1.Look at what you are eating right now.

If necessary, keep a food diary and learn about what your eating habits really are. When are you eating the most? Do you go long periods during the day without letting a bite pass your lips? Take some time and really think about what your normal diet lacks and what it has an excess of.

2.Look at your calories

One thing that will help you learn about what the food you eat does to your body is by using calories as something of a shorthand. Figure out how many calories you eat per day and figure out how much is healthy for you. This can help you keep in mind a better idea of what your portions should be, and it can also help you plan meals in the future.

3.Eat colorfully

To get your metabolism kickstarted, take a look at eating as many brightly colored fruits and vegetables as you can get your hands on. Sweet potatoes, beet and bell peppers are great high-energy foods, and there’s a good chance that if you’ve not been taking eating them, that your body is craving them!

4. Never starve yourself.

When you’re hungry, your body is actually telling you that something is wrong. If you often feel intense hunger, take this as an indication that you’re not eating properly. Eat small snacks during the day. Instead of eating two big meals 12 hours apart, try eating 5 smaller meals throughout the day or if you’re in for a fast weight loss check out the link.

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