Gatric Bypass Surgery Costs

gastricbanding Gatric Bypass Surgery CostsExpenses
The expense of gastric bypass surgery and additional bariatric surgical procedures are high averaging between $20,000 and $35,000. A lot of insurance companies are beginning to see obesity as a life-threatening health disorder, however, and have begun to cover some of the cost of gastric bypass surgery.

The procedure is about helping patients lose the weight that often brings on additional diseases such as diabetes. Gastric bypass surgery is the primary operation for medically complicated obesity. Gastric bypass surgery doesn’t replace the need for following a healthy diet and regular physical activity program. Without these, most people will gain back the weight they lost over a period of time.

Insurance companies will only pickup the cost of gastric bypass surgery if the subject is qualified. A qualified candidate is first at least 100 pounds overweight and has demonstrated in the past a serious effort to reduce their weight through lifestyle changes like diet and exercise. Candidates must have been obese for at least 5 years prior to the surgery, not have a history of alcohol abuse, and not have depression or other grievous psychiatric disorders.

Subsequent to surgery, there are more things to consider when factoring in the cost of gastric bypass surgery. A new lifestyle commitment will include a membership to the gym, a healthy choice diet, a set of clothing that may have to be replaced on a continual basis for a year, even transportation and furniture.

Beyond the material cost, there is in addition a physical and emotional cost. Gastric bypass surgery permanently changes your digestive system making it impossible to eat certain foods or combinations of foods. You will also have to make a commitment to exercise regularly and avoid high-sugar and high-fat foods that may hurt your system. Emotionally, an accommodation will have to be made as you adapt to your new lifestyle and ever changing body. People significant to you may also treat you differently after weight loss, which can create stress and conflict. Any surgery is serious and a surgery to elevate weight loss should only be undertaken when all other avenues have been explored.

Complications of gastric bypass surgery include infection, leaking of the stomach resulting from a failed staple, respiratory problems, and hernias. Other complications of gastric bypass is a stomach leak that can cause peritonitis to develop, a blood clot in the lung, blood infection, bleeding, pneumonia, bowel obstruction, and injury to the esophagus.

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