Hoodia Risks And Side Effects

Mostly Hoodia is touted as a diet pills with no such side effects, still there is lack of studies carried out in this domain, which can help us to make a final comment. The sellers and marketers of Hoodia Gordonii claims that it has no side effects, and provides example of the San bushmen who used it for hundred of years to kill hunger, while going for longer trips in deserts. But Hoodia Gordonii has not been around for too long in US and is not been a subject to any safety test which can help uncover its side effects.

Jasjit S. Bindra who has been a researcher on Hoodia Gordonii at Pfizer (a pharmaceutical giant which has acquired license to develop Hoodia for $21 million) has mentioned at the New York Times that there is no doubt about Hoodia Gordonii appetite suppressant abilities, but it can produce unwanted effects on the liver, which are caused by components other than p57 present in Hoodia Gordonii. Bindra also mentioned that there is still a long way to go before Hoodia Gordonii can be approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

For this reason as far as the San Bushmen are concerned, they were group of hunters, they didn’t take any sort of pills for their blood pressure, depression, or others, which most of the peoples are taking now a days. So their examples should be not relied on only.

People suffering from diabetes should be very carefully from using Hoodia Gordonii. One of the theories about Hoodia Gordonii is that it can fool your brain, by providing it with enough amount of blood sugar. There is a possibility that a person blood sugar can drop to a very dangerous low level while taking Hoodia Gordonii.

Many of the side effects of Hoodia can be unknown at this stage, as there is lack of studies. Thirst suppression is yet another side effect related with Hoodia Gordonii, but it is considered as a minor one and thereby ignored. But in order to avoid dehydration, it is important to know about this side effect.

One major side effect that is reported with all diet suppressants that contains stimulus is increase in heart rate. But no scientific study or clinical trails has shown this to be the case when Hoodia Gordonii is taken. There were some informal studies carried out by the company and individual practitioners but none of study reported any such problem.

There has been a number of product reviews, customer comments and testimonials, but none of them showed any side effect associated with Hoodia Gordonii so far. Some times publishing side effects can have a negative impression on the product, and if there is any side effect related to Hoodia Gordonii, it is simply not reported yet.

Sometimes good news is no news; this is the case when it comes to side effects of Hoodia Gordonii. But as a safety precaution Hoodia Gordonii must be avoided by people with diabetes, pregnant women and people with liver or kidney diseases.

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