Smartlipo – The New Fat Zapping Breakthrough

liposuction Smartlipo   The New Fat Zapping BreakthroughHave you heard of smart lipo? Well most people are aware of liposuction, the famous operation that celebrities and increasingly ordinary people have had in order to reduce their excess fat. But if you’re like many people you have probably looked at the horrible operation pictures on TV documentaries and been put off.

So if you’re the squeamish type who wouldn’t like a long operation what would you say to a short fat reducing method that takes just 20 minutes and can fit into your lunch break? Skeptical? Well that treatment is now here – and its name is Smart Lipo – or Laser Lipolysis in its more formal name.

What is the key thing to note about Smart Lipo? In a word: safety. And there are several aspects to this, but first simply think about the risks of normal surgery. You have the risk of poor recovery or allergic reaction to the general anesthetic. You have the body’s slow recovery time from the trauma of the operation. Then of course you also have the risk to the body of post-surgical infection – less common nowadays but still a risk in any case. And finally let’s not forget the possibility of picking up a dangerous hospital acquired infection such as Methicillin-resistant Staph Aureus.

These are all things you can definitely avoid with SmartLipo. This procedure uses just a local anesthetic. The surgeon makes an incision, but the incision made is so small that it does not even require stitching. How about the gory method for scraping out fat you might think? Well Smart Lipo is a cosmetic procedure that is carried out with just a laser – similar in some ways to the procedure that is used in pearly penile papules. But in SmartLipo, the laser is inserted just below the skin and is moved around in a fan arc.

Smart Lipo is most useful for people with near-normal BMI who struggle with fat build up in one stubborn body area.

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