Meal Planner And How It Can Help You Eat Better And Even Lose Weight

With obesity reaching record numbers and so many of us at risk for thinks like diabetes and heart conditions as a result of the increasing amounts of body fat we accumulate, eating healthy and losing a few inches has become a top priority. Now is the time to do something about it and make sure you and your loved ones stay healthy.

One of the main reasons that’s cited for this huge epidemic is eating to much processed foods. And it doesn’t matter if it came from one of the national chains of fast food restaurants, or if it is frozen fast food like a lasagna or a complete frozen dinner meal. The fact is that this food is almost always high in processed carbs, fat and sodium, all of which will contribute to weight gain and aren’t exactly healthy. Sure, we are busy, but that’s no excuse to skip cooking healthy meals for our family. meal planning to the rescue. It allows you to prepare home cooked meals quickly and easily.

Planning your meals is a wonderful way to get started with healthy eating. Include some lean proteins like fish, chicken and turkey as well as plenty of whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables in your weekly [meal|menu|cooking] plan. Dinner for example could be a nice grilled chicken salad with some whole wheat French bread on the side. Or how about some grilled fish with some stewed zucchini and yellow squash as well as some brown rice on the side. Or make it fun by treading chunks of chicken, potatoes and various vegetables on skewers and then grilling everything. Serve it with your favorite dip. Before you know it your family will have gotten used to and even started to love this new and healthy way of eating.

And now that you’re eating wholesome healthy foods that are naturally low in fat and simple carbs, you will start to notice that your pants are fitting loser and you have more energy and just feel better all over. That’s what healthy weight loss is all about. If you’d like to lose a little more or speed things up just a bit, I have a few healthy weightloss ideas for you.

- Be sure to drink plenty of water every single day
- Keep a Food Journal
- Eat slowly and don’t put huge portions on your plate
- Go for a walk, bike ride, swim, or just chase the kids around the yard.

Start to implement one of these at a time and you’ll quickly work yourself up to a slimmer and healthier you. Of course the rest of the family will benefit from this new healthy lifestyle as well and you are setting a great example for your kids.

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