Mediterranean Diets and low-Carbohydrate diets found Beat out Low-Fat Diets

A recent study by over 20 doctors spanning two years has performed a comparison of three popular diets. Those diets are:

    – Low-Caborhydrate Diet
    – Mediterranean Diet
    – Low-Fat Diet

 In the study, the low-carbohydrate and teh Mediterranean-style diets outperformed the traditional low-fat diet. 

The study, “Weight Loss with a Low-Carbohydrate, Mediterranean, or Low-Fat Diet” is pubished in the July 17,2008 volume of the New England Journal of Medicine.  The conlusion for the article, states, “Mediterranean and low-carbohydrate diets may be effective alternatives to low-fat diets. The more favorable effects on lipids (with the low-carbohydrate diet) and on glycemic control (with the Mediterranean diet) suggest that personal preferences and metabolic considerations might inform individualized tailoring of dietary interventions.”

322 subjects were randomly studied in this study at a remote nuclear research facility and described as “moderately obese”.  The low-carb dieters lost an average of 6.5 pounds, the mediterranean dieters lost around 10 pounds, and the low-carb dieters loas around 10.3 pounts.  Roughly 84% of the dieters stayed on the diet for two years.

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