Research Shows Stress Can Make You Overeat

Most people have a tendency to indulge in their favorite foods. However, when the problem of overweight arises, they have an equally bad tendency of altogether dropping out those food items which they like the most. This in fact, can bring out a reverse situation by making a person; overeat as they have just dropped out all the food that they find pleasurable to eat. This is not just a food statement, but something that researchers have investigated and found out and it’s a signal for dieters on what to watch out when they cut down their favorite food drastically for the sake of loosing those pounds.

Researchers from the Boston University School of Medicine and the Scripps Research Institute wanted to find out more about the impact of cutting back on food on eating habits. As part of their research, they fed rats with sugary food, along with their normal food. They found that rats ate sugary food more than normal food. When the sugary food was stooped for a time and then restarted they found the rats to eat more of them.  They conclude that the stress on the brain resulted in this reaction. What this ultimately concludes is that stress is a major factor in making one stick to a diet schedule. If you are under stress and you prevent yourself from eating certain foods severely, you will certainly not be able to achieve your overall health goals and your goal to lose weight.

The link between stress and overeating is because of the action of corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF). CRF is the molecule in the brain that gets activated when there is a sudden fear or anxiety situation.  As part of the research, researchers introduced a drug by which the action of CRF was curbed. What was noticed was a huge change in the reaction of rats. The rats no longer binged on sugary food. Instead they took in their normal food. When this action was carried out on rats that were not given any sugary foods at all, they did not show any reaction as CRF action was not present anyway, since they were not having any sugary foods.

The findings of this research indicate the way in which people can inadvertently put on weight. Dieting isn’t about punishing yourself by cutting down everything that you want. It is more about self control and learning to realize how to have everything that you want in the right levels. If you do not follow dieting in this way, you will find yourself actually putting on more weight than losing it.

The best way to achieve satisfactory results through dieting is to limit quantities of your favorite foods. This means including food that you like, but cutting down on the amount that you take them. Next, you need to bring in healthier food and cook them tastefully son that you feel that you are not missing out on tasty food. Once you get used to such food, you will not want to go back to fast food that make you put on weight.

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