Shopping For a Body Fat Monitor

stomach issues.thumbnail  Shopping For a Body Fat Monitor When you are trying to stay in shape, a body fat monitor can be a helpful tool. There are many different styles and brands of body fat monitors; however, so it is good to know what to look for before you begin shopping for a body fat monitor.

The best way to attack the matter is by making a list of the different features that are available and then begin comparing the different options online. Many shopping and rating sites, like, offer a a lot of information that can help you in the buying process. This method will assist you to choose the best monitor for your specific situation. Below is a list of options that should be taken into consideration when purchasing a body fat monitor:

Types of Body Fat Monitors

There are basically two main types of body fat monitors:

Skinfold Caliper Method-This is the most traditional kind of body fat monitor. It takes a small pinch of your skin at three distinct points on your body and then calculates the fat percentage. Electronic calipers are available which have the advantage of sensing the correct pressure and then doing the calculations for you. Another feature that is available is data storage; which can be useful when used by more than one user.

Bioelectrical Impedence Analysis (BIA)-This is the most sophisticated type of body fat monitor. This type of monitor will actually send a small electrical charge through your feet or hands and use the data that is retrieved in order to quantify your body fat reading. The unit will ask for some data such as your age, weight and gender to provide the true calculation. It is important to know that individuals with a pacemaker should not use this type of monitor due to the electrical charge.


When you consider a BIA monitor, there are different features that are now available such as a memory feature so that you do not have to input basic data every time you use the monitor. Also, you may wish to look for a unit that provides an athletic body setting to make sure you get an exact measurement if you are an athlete that has a high muscle mass or low body fat. Also, be aware that in the event you need to do body fat measurements on a child, you will have to find a model with a child specific reading as adult readings are not precise for children. Visit to get an idea of which brands offer specific features.

Research and Shopping Sites

The best place to start shopping for a body fat monitor is online. This allows you the advantage of being able to view different models and then narrow down the list of possibilities.

After you have chosen exactly what you want to buy, go back to the store so you can get a feel for which model is most comfortable and easiest to use. Make a note of the price given at the store and then go back online to get the best price.

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