So You Tried A Body Wrap Treatment & It Didn’t Work?

Yes – they can be very effective. BUT – you need to have realistic expectations! Please don’t have it in your mind that any sort of inch loss product is going to give you a barbie doll figure after one treatment. And don’t think it is the ONLY think you need to do to firm loose skin.

A inch loss wrap or inch loss treatment is not the magic bullet. Yes.. when using the right product they can be very effective for losing inches, firming loose skin, smoothing cellulite… and depending on the treatment you are using… may even help you lose weight! But they certainly shouldn’t be the only thing you are doing to reshape your body. Use them as part of a system to get the most amazing results.

Like the Body Wrap Patch™ System for example. It isn’t ONLY the Body Wrap Patch™.. they recommend using a supplement and cellulite lotion along with the Body Wrap Patch™ for best results. If you couple a system like this with taking a walk every few days at a minimum… prepare to melt fat like butter!

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Be sure to research the ingredients in the body wrap you plan on using. If they don’t have a list of ingredients and what each one does… I would certainly ask for one. For example..

Guarana Extract – aids in a temporary, natural increase in body temperature and metabolic thermogenesis through nutritional stimulation of the body’s ß receptor pathway, which can induce the breakdown and release of stored body fat, thereby allowing stored fats to be turned into energy. Thermogenesis refers to the body’s production of heat, a normal part of metabolic processes. Thermogenesis can be enhanced by certain nutritional substances. When stimulated through appropriate dietary supplementation, thermogenesis is also a mechanism that increases metabolic rate. Stored body fat, if released and available for use, can provide the fuel for this increased metabolic rate.

Inch loss treatments can and do work. Just be sure to use a good proven system!

To inch and weight loss.

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